The Big Chocolate Show!

This past weekend, Sara and I were at the The Big Chocolate Show in New York City, a chocolate event that ran from Oct. 7th to Oct. 9th. 

We were excited for this show because this is the first chocolate show that has been held in NYC since a different one stopped a few years ago. 

A ton of artisanal chocolate vendors (over 20!) were there selling and handing out samples of their chocolate. Check out a some of the chocolate loot that we purchased at the show (because the best way to improve our chocolate palette is to eat a large variety of chocolate!)


Some of the chocolate makers, chocolatiers, chocolate vendors that we spoke to at the show are below:


- 2beans (A NYC shop that sells speciality coffee and chocolate) - (

- Raaka Chocolate (A Brooklyn chocolate maker that uses "virgin" beans) - (

- Harper Macaw (A Washington D.C. based chocolate maker who have political packaging) - (

Angovi (An Ecuadorian chocolate maker whose beautiful packaging give credit to the artists who designed them) (

- Marou (A chocolate maker that used only cocoa beans from Vietnam) (



This was definitely a fun event. It was great to be surrounded by people who are so passionate about Chocolate.  Next year, Dalloway will have an actual table at the show. 


Next event for Dalloway Chocolate: The NW Chocolate Fest and the Chocolate Makers Unconference in Seattle, WA (Nov. 10-13th)



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