Busy Busy Busy December!

We are nearly halfway into December and we are definitely making significant steps! Here are a few of the little wins that we have recently experienced:

1) OUR 1ST CHOCOLATE TASTING - On Dec. 7th, we had our first chocolate tasting. About 25 women from the NYC queer community came out to taste our chocolate, along with 5 other chocolate bars. Sara did a great job explaining some methods on how to taste chocolate. We had a great time sharing our chocolate knowledge and building our community. We are glad to hear that everyone had fun!

2) THE MEADOW - Our bars are now being sold at The Meadow in NYC! This is a BIG win for us because the The Meadow team definitely knows their chocolate.  (For those of you who don't know, The Meadow is a great store that sells salts, bitters and a wide assortment of chocolate. They have a store in Portland, OR and one in Manhattan.) So far, our bars are only in their NYC locations. If you are in the area, make sure to give our retailers some love. Their success is our success!

3) REORDERS - Last but not least, we have gotten a ton of reorders. So far all of our November retailers have put in orders for additional bars.  As we  say, their success is our success to continue to show your support for Dalloway Chocolate by purchasing a bar (or two) at your nearby retailer.



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